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Coming back from walk, I have come into a side-street and have come across group of guys, at first sight they were similar on goths or emos there were black clothes on them. I have decided to pass by, as one of is ready has stopped me. Has asked to light up a cigarette, I have answered that I do not smoke, then he has pressed me to a wall and has started to kiss my neck as if vampire, it is strange but it was pleasant to me.
I have asked that he does, on what he has answered that he gathers to fuck me in an ass and he will not accept any objections differently all his friends will start up me on a circle as fucking to a knot. Having inclined over me he has pulled together from me trousers and my cock has started to suck, I groaned. In a step to his movements I have begun fuck him in a mouth with the big force. Not bad I have walked by gay goths. Probably and to me it is necessary to think to become the gay moreover and goth.
Goths and EMOs it cool.

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